Issue 1995/2 (0) - Konteksty

Wiesław Juszczak On Anthropology and Symbol 
*  Conversation on Anthropology and Symbol 
Ludwik Stomma "One Ought to Leave"... 
Małgorzata Baranowska The Hidden Form of the World 
Sławomir Sikora Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, or How to Exist. Shakespeare, Anthropology and Tom Stoppard's Theatrical Game 
Ewa Klekot Two Sides of the Same Coin 
Aleksander Jackowski Katedra Kultury polskiej. The Chair of Polish Culture 
Andrzej Mencwel The Anthropological Imagination 
Małgorzata Szpakowska Lem and Three Evolutions 
*  How Are We to Understand "The Land of Ulro" 
Roch Sulima Józef Tkaczuk and Others, or About Names on the Walls. A Contribution to Urban Ethnography 
Zbigniew Osiński Grotowski and Gnosis 
Leszek Kolankiewicz Acting in the Grotowski Theatre 
Wojciech Dudzik On the Altemative Theatre 
Jadwiga Bocheńska "Engaged Art" and the Engaged Viwer 
Mariusz Czubaj The World as Seen in the Video Clip 
Students Reports
*  Gardzienice 
*  Holstebro 
*  Scheersberg 
*  Sejny 
Anna Beata Bohdziewicz Graffiti 
Paweł Rodak Social Concepts and the Humanities 
Mariusz Czubaj Elitism as a Social Conception 
Paweł Maciejko The Rhythm of Myths 
Iwona Kurz Pop-mythologies 
Robert Sankowski The Cinema, Telewision and What Now? 
Aneta Górnicka-Boratyńska To Understand Existence 

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