Issue 1996/3-4 (234-235) - Konteksty

Jerzy Nowosielski
Ryszard Przybylski Matter in Glory 
Roman Mazurkiewicz Transparent Things 
Anna Boczkowska "There Is Only Beatrice and She Is not Here" 
Władysław Panas A Conversation about Nowosielski 
Henryk Waniek Art as Sanctity and Sinfulness 
Maria Rzepińska Church in Azory 
Katarzyna Chrudzimska Several Words on the Painting of Jerzy Nowosielski 
Katarzyna Chrudzimska The Vision of Realny in Landscapes by Jerzy Nowosielski 
Katarzyna Chrudzimska Speculum Mundi - The Motif of the Minor in the Art of Jerzy Nowosielski 
*  Corrections to a Biography and Some Personal Outpourings. Zbigniew Podgórzec Talks with Jerzy Nowosielsk 
Dariusz Czaja Unde bonum. Nowosielski on Evil 
*  Each Tell the Other that He Is not a God... A Dialogue between Professor Maria Janion and Professor Ryszard Przybylski 
Wojciech Michera Wojciech Michera The Icon and the Forgotten Commandment of the Decalogu 
Leonid Uspienski The Icon in the Contemporary World 
Culture and Art of Ukraine
Dmytro Stepowyk The Union of Brześć and the Development of Ukrainian Icon Painting during the Sixteen and Seventeen Century 
*  A More Beautiful Realny. Professor Jaroslav Issayevych, Director of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Lviv. Talks about the Reception of Classical Culture in Ukraine 
Andrzej Kaczyński The Renaissanse of the Ukraine. A Raport from the Conference organized by Bachory Foundation 
Roman Szporluk  
Jewhen Swerstiuk  
Łeś Kurbas The "Berezil" Course and the Problems of Its Technology 
Wałentyna Striłeć Theatrical Legend 
Tatiana Kiktiewa Forgive Us 
Ola Hnatiuk The Fate of the 1960s Literary Generation in 72 Ukrain 
Wojciech Stanisławski Jurij Andruchowycz 
Jurij Andruchowycz Persuasion (Fragment of a Novel) 
Jurij Andruchowycz Folklońsm and Ethnologism in the Works of Bohdan Ihor Antonych 
Ołeś Noha The Onset of the Avangarde in Ukrainian Painting 
Oksana Szpak Ukrainian Folk Graphic Art - between the East and the West 
Maria Majerczyk The Binar Semantic Opposition "Here" and "There" in che Construction of a Vision of the Beyond (the Liminal Phase). The Carpathian Region 
Roman Siłeckyj Ukrainian Construction Sacrifaces 
Oksana Kis The Undine - the Temptation of the Abyss 
Ludmyła Herus Toys from Jaworów 
Hałyna Stelmaszczuk Lace in Ukraine 
Sofija Bonkowska Basic Types of Crosses on the Catholic and Uniate Churches along the Polish Borderland (at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century) 
Michajło Stankewycz The Cross: the Structure of an Artistic Text 
Kornelij Kutelmach "Spasova Boroda": Magic or Realny? Contributions to the Agrarian Motifs in the Rites of Calendar Cycle (upon the Basis of Material from Central Polesie) 
Seweryn A. Wisłocki Jacek Malczewski - An Artist of the Borderland between Two Cultures 
Maciej Rychły Hucul Notes 
Piotr Andrusieczko Elements Shaping the National Identity and Awarness of Ukrainians in Poland 
Piotr Paszkiewicz The Green Jewel in che Crown. On Russian Architecture in Finland 1809-1917 (Outline) 
Dariusz Konstantynów Light from the North. On che Reception of Scandinavian Art by Russian Modemists 
Barbara Fedyszak-Radziejowska The Eastern and Western Borderland of Poland. A Meeting of Nations after the Opening of Fronttiers 
Boh adzin, wier mnoha. Conclusions from Ethnographic Studies in the Grodno Region
Anna Engelking "Each Nation Has Its Own Faith". Introductory Remarks 
Katarzyna Kolasa Who Are the Poles of che Grodno Region? 
Katarzyna Dąbek Who Are the Belarussians of the Grodno Region? 
Justyna Straczuk Who Is a Lithuanian? A Report from Interviews with the Inhabitants of the Parish of Pielasa in the Voronov Region ion Belarus 
Renata Banasińska The Music Reportoire in Catholic and Russian Orthodox Villages of che Lida and Voronov Region 
Danuta Życzyńska-Ciołek Confused World 
Katarzyna Dołęgowska Poles, Ruthenians and Death 
Jacek Cichocki The Catholic and Orthodox Priest as Authorities on the Local Community 
*  Conversations about Nations and Faiths 
*  Conversations about Death 
*  From Recorded Songs 

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